“After months of IBS like symptoms, I paid a visit to Dr. Aaron Burrows who highly recommend I visit with his nutritionist, Katie Jones.  Katie was extremely easy to talk to, even in regards to the very personal gnarly symptoms I was experiencing.  After discussing my current health, Katie recommended a FODMAP diet to determine what, if any, foods were causing my symptoms.  Together, we came up with a diet that I could manage and stick to.  After only a couple of days, I felt drastically better.  Katie checked in with me several times throughout the process, going above and beyond her duties.  By using the given diet, I was able to easily pinpoint what was bothersome.  With Katie’s help, I have removed those foods from my diet and feel amazing!  I would recommend Katie’s help to my family and friends.”  -T.F. Denver


“I’ve suffered from constipation my whole life.  Following Katie’s advice, I feel normal for the first time ever!”A.S. Denver, Highlands Mommy


“I have been able to loose the extra pounds that I wanted to and keep them off.  I have stopped eating dairy and wheat and feel an enormous difference.  I only have one coffee in the morning. Lots of water.  I have a greater awareness about what I am eating, why I am eating, the quality of the food, etc.  There is less struggle within myself deciding what to eat. I have less cravings.  Your class came at the right time to kick start me where I wanted to go in taking better care of myself.  So I thank you so very much!”  –L.M., Denver


 “I have IBS and am prone to stomach ulcers.Over the years as I started to eliminate a lot of foods from my diet due to the ailments but I also eliminated a lot of vital nutrients and vitamins. I certainly wasn’t feeling any better.I needed good nutritional advice.I found Katie Jones. Since seeing Katie a wide range of food choices have opened for up for me that are healthy for my system.Aside from the variety I now enjoy,she has shown me a healthier way to eat. My calcium,vitamin D,and iron levels have stabilized and are improving.As a result,my energy levels have become more consistent.A good diet is essential to a good life. If your diet needs an overhaul, or just needs to be adjusted for any reason,you need to see Katie too!”  -M.V. Denver


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