If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome you know too well how seriously it can affect your ability to enjoy life.  It’s unpredictability makes it frustrating and debilitating.  And people often feel embarrassed about seeking  help when they experience bowel symptoms, which prevents them from getting the help they need.  There are effective treatments out there to help you deal with your symptoms.  Here is my step by step guide to helping you feel better.

1. Get Diagnosed: Although rare, gastrointestinal symptoms may be caused by a more serious condition so it is important to rule this out.

2. Identify Trigger Foods: This is where I come in to help you through a targeted FODMAP elimination diet to identify which foods are contributing to symptoms.  The elimination diet I follow is based on foods that are likely to be fermented by bacteria in the gut, causing IBS symptoms, and has research to show it is about 75% successful.  In my practice I seen even higher success rates when combining food therapy with other lifestyle modifications!  In addition to the standard food elimination diet, I also use MRT blood testing and LEAP therapy to determine food sensitivities for those few people that aren’t helped by the standard protocol and who have other systemic symptoms like fibromyalgia, fatigue, migraines and other inflammatory conditions.  Check out testimonals from people who have been helped.

3. Structure Your Meals to Be GI Friendly: Not only do specifics foods contribute to symptoms, but how and when you eat can make a difference too.  I can help you structure your meals to help prevent symptoms.

4. Try Supplements: There are a number of supplements that can help with spasms, gas/bloating, irregularity and bacterial overgrowth.  I can help you choose if supplements are right for you and make sure what you take is safe.  Or check with your doctor before starting supplements, since just because it is “natural” doesn’t mean it can’t interact with your medications or medical conditions.

5. Get Moving: Exercise helps relieve stress, which exacerbates IBS symptoms and stimulates normal contractions of your intestines.

6. De-Stress: No it’s not all in your head, but stress can cause chemical changes in the body that excerbate symptoms.  We often overlook this very important peace of the puzzle.  Managing this part of your life can make a difference in how you feel physically.

7. Be Informed: Be your own advicate and stay informed on what your options are.

8. Get Started Today: Contact me to get started on feeling better!


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