Nutrition Therapy Specializing in

GI Disorders
Food Sensitivities/Intolerances
Bariatric Nutrition
Chronic Disease Management

I believe in nutrition as a tool to help you feel your best as well as prevent and manage disease.  I also believe that one diet does not fit all.  By combining my formal education and personal experience, I will work with you to develop a unique diet as well as provide tools to help you along the way. While working with me, you will also get email coaching so that you don’t have to take your food journey alone.  Contact me today.  I look forward to working with you! – Katie

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  1. From other sites I see that you work with FODMAP, but do you also work with the Portfolio diet? Looking for someone who works with both and who helps plan menus for my husband and I.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Darcy,
      Unfortunately for many people who have follow the FODMAP diet for GI distress, they are unable to tolerate many of the foods that are recommended on the Portfolio diet. In the early stages of the FODMAP diet, fermentable carbohydrates are restricted and later challenged to determine which foods cause GI distress. So in the early stages of the FODMAP diet, it would be difficult to meet nutritional needs (depending on level of GI distress and willingness to supplement with vegan protein powder) while trying to follow the two diet at the same time. If you do want to try it, I would be happy to help you out. Hope that answers your question. -Katie

      • No, FODMAP would be for me and Portfolio would be for my husband. Are you able to advise and help with menus for both of those?

  2. I am searching for a dietician that knows a lot about the FODMAP diet for my 5 year old. Do you have experience with children and this diet?


    • Hi Jen,
      I am very familiar with the diet and use it in my practice all the time though I do not regularly work with children. If you want to find a pediatric specific dietitian I would contact your local pediatric hospital as they often have outpatient dietitian services. Good luck!

  3. Hello, my nAmerican is Desiree Rosales. I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis in 2015. My symptoms begin in late 2013, but because there is not alot of information about Gastroparesis, and since the variety of symptoms mimicked so many other illnesses it took 2 years of testing to tell me I have Gastroparesis. I struggle with foods my body wii/will not allow. In November 2016 I had a gastricpace-maker and pyloroplasty. I feel subtle positive changes and just want to really focus on taking chare of my health.
    I do have Blue Cross Blue Shield, and would like to talk more.
    Thank you!
    Desiree Rosales

      • Thanks for your reply..I actually left a message with your office voicemail today. Hope to see you soon.
        I will check with my insurance. I actually have united healthcare as my primary ins and blue cross as my secondary. I will contact them..
        I forgot to ask you, are you familiar with Gastroparesis?

  4. Hi, I have had my colon removed but I don’t have a bag. I am having trouble absorbing nutrients. I have had a nutra-eval. I need help understanding it and planning a healthy food plan. I hope you can help.
    Thank you,
    Wen Fuller

    • Yes I accept all major insurance providers but I recommend you call Cigna and see if your plan includes covereage to work with a registered dietitian. You can also call the office at 3033201111 and talk to Kristie, who does the billing, if you have additional questions.

  5. Hi Katie, my girlfriend suffers from nausea on almost a daily basis, ever since she was put on a round of over a dozen different antibiotics at once. We have no idea what’s actually wrong; would you be the person to see, to have you attempt to diagnose her through blood work and some sort of gut bacteria/microbiome analysis? I watch her suffer with it far too often, and I’d love to find a way to help her. Thanks.


    • Hi Jason
      I’m sorry to hear this! I would strongly suggest she see a gastroenterologist first. They can evaluate symptoms and run necessary diagnostic tests. Once she has a diagnosis or if they are unable to find a cause of the nausea then I may be able to help. Good luck!

      • Thank you so much for replying and pointing us in the right direction! I’ll certainly make sure we come to you if they can’t resolve her issue.

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