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Freezer Stockpile Roasted Tomatoes

Freezer Stockpile Roasted Tomatoes

I know what you are thinking: You want me to turn on my oven in the middle of summer?!  And the answer is YES!  Please believe me when I say it is absolutely worth it!  And this is coming from somebody living without air conditioning.  Words cannot describe how flavorful, rich and sweet these cherry tomatoes become after … Continue reading

Freezer Stockpile Chicken

I get asked all the time how to make cooking at home easier and faster.  And my answer is often based around creating a freezer stockpile of leftovers and partially prepped ingredients that you can pull from when needed.  One of my favorite things to stock the freezer with is cooked chicken breasts.  I know you … Continue reading

Low Fat Fruity Chicken Salad

My mother in law makes the best chicken salad and although she has given me the recipe, as a dietitian, I would feel guilty passing it on to you.  Most chicken salad recipes are loaded with mayonnaise which means you can either eat a TINY amount (which I have a hard time doing) or succumb to the fact … Continue reading